Effectively Marketing Your Vancouver Apartment Home

TARGET MARKET – My job is to determine who the most likely Buyers are and then market to Them specifically.

ESTABLISHING A PRICE – The Price is one of the most important factors affecting the successful sale of your home. Failure to price your home competitively in the market can result in a long frustrating sales effort and can actually lead to a final selling price that could be lower than the actual market value. “Hot” areas may require different pricing strategies to maximize your return.

PROPERTY PRESENTATION –Presentation is Key! Homes that are clean, tidy and well maintained are perceived by buyers to be worth more. There are easy things that can be done to increase the value of your home without spending too much money. Simple things like tidying cupboards and closets, cleaning windows and sills, cleaning dirty grout, or re-caulking showers tubs and sinks can make a huge difference in the eyes of a Buyer. I will also give you some suggestions to depersonalize your home and tips to protect your privacy while your home is on the market.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO – Every home should be shown to its best advantage. Professional photos and videos capture the Buyers attention and give them a much better idea of your home before they walk through the door. A video tour will accurately emphasize the features and layout of your home.Click here to see the end result for some of my previous listings.

WHY STAGE? – By now, I think its common knowledge that Staged homes typically sell faster and for a higher price than homes that are empty and un-staged. Buyers tend to only know what they see – few can visualize the potential of a space and TV shows have set the bar higher so expectations are high. Also homes that are staged allow potential Buyers to imagine themselves living in the space much more easily, thus allowing them to become more emotionally attached. Buyers that are more emotionally attached then tend to look past any flaws or imperfections. For more about staging check out Why Stage? - Setting the Scene

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INTERNET MARKETING – Most home searches start on the internet. Your home will be shown on several different websites on the web, thus allowing Buyers to view it from the comfort of their own home or even from their mobile device any time. QR codes on our print ads and signage will lead Buyers to our website.

MLS – Probably one of the most respected sources of Real Estate information available, your home will be listed on MLS. It is the number one source for all Realtors, who will then pass it on to their buying clients.

SOCIAL MEDIA – The fastest growing avenue for communication is Social Media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube allow for your home to be marketed directly to people all over the world.

WEB PRESENCE – Your home will be listed on a number of websites. They are all different venues to help maximize internet exposure. The more place it is online the greater the chances a potential Buyer will come across it.

PRINT ADVERTISING – There are still some demographics that prefer to read a newspaper then to go online. It is important to appeal to them when marketing your home as well. Depending on the target market your home may be advertised in one of the publications in the Vancouver area.

CUSTOM FEATURE SHEETS – The features of your home will be highlighted in a Custom Feature sheet with professional full color photos giving Buyers a high quality promotional piece that they can review over and over.

PERSONAL SHOWINGS AND OPEN HOUSES – Security is very important when your home is on the market, and it can be difficult to have that security when people you do not know are coming into your home. Security is maintained with personal showings therefore there is no need for a lockbox. It is very common in today’s market that most Buyers are working with a Realtor and will view your home in a Personal Showing. However, Open houses in some circumstances can still be an effective way of marketing your home and increase exposure. Here are some more pointers and tips for Protecting your Privacy while your home is on the market

SUTTON GROUP – WEST COAST REALTY – In 2010 and 2011, we here at Sutton Group – West Coast Realty were the number 1 brokerage in Canada, having more transaction ends than any other brokerage in the country. Our network spans nearly 1700 agents in 17 offices from Nanaimo, Duncan and Victoria to North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, and even Whistler and Harrison/Agassiz.

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